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Casement Windows

PVCu Casement Windows

A range of hand finished, secure and thermally efficient PVCu  windows you can be proud of.

All products detailed are available in 65mm and 70mm front-to-back sizes. Our systems are designed to exceed all current standards, including thermal performance and enhanced security.


System Design

System design allows the same sashes and beads to be used for both systems which improves stockholding, machinery and preps in addition to allowing the same hardware and reinforcements to be used to fabricate both systems.

In addition all mainframe sections are supplied with our high performing Q-lon gasket which allows higher compression and recovery rates over a wide temperature range to give the ultimate in performance. Furthermore it comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Our 70mm system is available with 5 chambers to further enhance performance. All this is achieved due to our unique rebate design which allows the full integration of all components.

Benefits of a common rebate detail

  • Common hardware keeps
  • Common range of beads
  • Common reinforcement options
  • Common range of sashes

Featured and Bevelled Rebate detail

  • Feature details are designed within the bevelled angle to give improved aesthetics and provide a detail which is more traditional.
  • The feature detail is easier to clean and results in improved quality consistency when compared with ovolo details.




  • All systems are available in white, mahogany, rosewood and golden oak finishes on one or both sides of the profile.
  • Special foil colours include black, greys, blue, green, and a range of prestige natural wood finishes.
Brilliant White Warm White    
Standard Woodgrains
Mahogany Rosewood Golden Oak  
Prestige Woodgrains
Irish Oak Antique Teak Rustic Cherry Soft Cherry
Solid Colours
Grey Medium Grey Dark Grey  
Cream Black Blue  
Red Green White  

All foiled using Eco Friendly lamination, without the use of hazardous solvents.


Energy Efficiency

  • All casement products can be supplied in any of the above specifications to achieve the necessary WER (Window Energy Rating). A, B and C products are supplied with the appropriate BFRC label/certificate which can be used in the consumer’s HIP packs.

Weather Performance

  • All windows are tested to the latest British/European standards for air, water and gusting performance via BSI and BBA.

Security Performance

  • Windows are available to meet Secure By Design standards, this is based upon meeting the requirements of BS7950 and exceeding ‘Enhance Resistance’ testing.

This popular system has been easily recognised by its bright white finish which offers a real differential from all the warm white profiles that are commonplace in the market.  However we recognise that it can be difficult to move away from a colour that a customer may have used in an area for years on thousands of properties.  To overcome this problem a warm white has been introduced  so customers can enjoy the excellent service and quality associated with our windows whatever colour they prefer


Whatever your taste you’ll find there’s a wide range of styles & designs to suit the most
demanding of requirements, all of which will be sure to enhance the external appearance of your home.

There are no products to list in this category.
There are no products to list in this category.